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Causes Of Cough In pregnancy

Causes Of Cough In pregnancy

Coughing is usually caused by the means that something has stroked in respiratory passages .Air pollution can be the main reason or a piece of food gets down the wrong way. Another possible reason could be an infection in the lungs which makes respiratory passage produce phlegm
Coughing can arise due to many reason some of them are :
1) The most common cause of acute cough is common cold or viral infection which causes postnasal drip or cough
2) Air pollution is the other main cause ,sucking in the materials in the breathing tubes causes cough.
3) Smoking also results in coughing ,it can be a cause of chronic cough.
4) Asthma cause cough and wheezing,
5) Bacterial or the viral infection in the lungs also causes cough.
6) Acid reflux which means acid from your stomach may come back to your throat , causes cough or heart burn.
7) Allergies caused by postnasal drip causes cough

Cough is of two types which are known as dry cough and chesty cough. Dry cough is plain and cause irritation ,where as chesty cough brings mucus and phlegm along with it . People who suffers from cough more than two weeks are advisable to consult a doctor immediately rather they should do this activity in the starting point only to avoid risk otherwise a cough can be chronic too. A cough which last for longer time say about two weeks it becomes chronic ,the symptoms can be if the cough is thick and yellow or green phlegm comes with it ,if wheezing, if there is a high temperature, if there is lost of weight without trying, if blood is coming while coughing . Then it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately without any delay.
In pregnancy ,an expecting mother needs to take very good care of herself as the immunity of the body reduces very much and it is advisable not to take medicines in the first trimester as the organs of the foetus develops in this stage and should consult a doctor.

The second trimester is consider to be safe for taking medicines but still it can affect baby’s growth and nervous system,leading to low birth rate
In third trimester taking medicine can affect in a way that it could stay in the baby’s system,this can cause post breathing difficulties.



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